Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day Two with Dallas

Welcome to my Blog!

Love my new tea cup and tea bag holder. A cup of hot tea after a long day of travel is wonderful! 

Thank you for all the sweet comments on my videos! I hope you enjoy day 2 with my trip with Dallas! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Spending the Day with Dallas

Welcome to my Blog!

This past Friday and Saturday I took a rode trip and went to visit my daughter at college. My first stop along the way was at Prestiers Pecan Shop. There is an artist that makes the collection below and each time I have the opportunity to visit this store on trips I like to pick up a new piece for my collection. All of her pieces have a faith based message which I love.  

Then Dallas and I stopped for lunch and had such a fun time. I wish I could spend every weekend having lunch with her!

She talked me into stopping at a local pet store and I feel in love with this little guy. I would have named him Frankie!

Then it was time for coffee at Starbucks. I am always up for coffee at Starbucks! 

We spent the afternoon shopping and wow did I want this necklace!

I love all the fun things we found and this sign was so cute. Something better than unicorns and sparkles!!!!

I love this set up on one of the display tables. It really reminded me of what I try to do with my blog and Youtube channel. 

Click below to see the video of our first day. We had so much fun and made the most of our two days together. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Project Closet Clean Out

Welcome to my Blog! 

My next home project that I hope can help you as we all get ready for Summer!

I just completed my Project Closet Clean-Out to finish taking all of my steps to get ready for Summer. I want to have everything in place so I can spend my Summer nights taking long nights, going to the gym, and enjoying time with my family. 

There are people that will tell you to take everything you own and put it in the center of the floor at once and just go through everything. This is not a plan that would work for me because I work better in a clean environment. 

I took on my project by starting in a very clean workspace. I broke everything into categories and this worked great for me. Take a look at the video link below and I hope you find this helpful with you clean out! 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Project Kitchen Drawer Clean-Out

As you have seen from a previous post I had a few weeks ago I am working on a deep Summer cleanup project. With school out and no more late nights of homework I want to really enjoy my Summer nights. I want to be able to go for long walks after work or to the gym without having to worry about lots of messy choirs. To help me with this I am working on a complete cleanup of everything in my home. 

Here is a look into my kitchen drawer cleanup! 

My most used drawer is next to my stove.....which by the way in two weeks I will have a new stove and I am so very excited! I have placed these storage bins in the drawer to help keep everything straight and organized. I picked them up from Target. 

I highly recommend that once a year you go through your kitchen towels and make sure you have fresh new towels ready to be used. 

We take our lunch to work almost everyday and I like bringing my own silverware so of course I have containers to help keep them straight. 

Take a look at the video below so get more great ideas for your kitchen! 

Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shopping Haul With Great Deals

Welcome to my Blog! If your new to my Blog I would love to have you leave a comment. Its always fun to hear from those that enjoy seeing what you share! 

I did a little shopping this weekend and my first stop was at World Market. I needed cloth napkins to go with my new fish plates which I shared in a recent post which you can see by clicking here

This color set is perfect and best of all you get a set of 6 for only $9.99. The deal was even better because I used my email coupon and received an additional 10% off. 

Then I stopped by Pier 1 and found the deal of day! I purchased these cute bowls on the matching glass serving tray on clearance for $7.99. They were $24.99 but I bought them for $7.99!!!! That makes them even more adorable. 

Pier 1 also had these 4th of July balls which will look perfect on my dining room table while we entertain. They were $8.00 a piece and I have a great project in mind for them. I will be sure to share. 

Michaels has this set of 4 cardboard bowls for $1.99 each which match the large container I picked up from Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. They will be perfect to hold hot dogs and chips as we sit around the pool on the 4th of July.

Then QVC offered this dish on clearance for $16.74 which you can see the link for here. As you know I love hosting a huge Cinco De Mayo party and this will be perfect for next here. You can see this years party by clicking this link.  

My final item is this flower arrangement from Pier 1. I made the final addition of the white flower with the pearl and rhinestones in the center this weekend. I have this arrangement in my office at work. When you work in an office 5 days a week for 10 hours a day you want to enjoy your workspace and I just love this! 

Click the video below to enjoy a better look at all the goodies! Hope you enjoy! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Project Scarf Clean-Up

Summer is here and school will be out in less than two weeks. I want to take the next few weeks and get everything in my home in order so I can enjoy my Summer nights instead of spending them cleaning. One of my first projects is to clean out my closets and dressers. The first task is my scarf baskets and put everything in order so in the fall I can enjoy wearing them.

I think it is so much easier to go through your Fall and Winter items in the summer because you can really like at what you have not worn in some time. Take a look at the video below to see how I cleaned out my collection. 

Hope you enjoyed! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Target Threshold Plate Haul

 Welcome to my Blog!

Last night I purchased the cutest plates from Target and you will not believe the price! The first 4 are plastic plates but for summer you can easily get away with plastic! Be sure to take a look at my video below to find out all the ways you can entertain with these plates! This set is from the Threshold Line from Target and I am sure its for a limited time.

The plastic appetizer plates come in four different styles. I have always said the easiest way to decorate on a budget is to just add a top plate on our large white base plate set.

The set also has the two fish patterns below. I just love the idea of these plates for a Summer Seafood Party!

They also have the bowls which are perfect for sauces.

I already had the fish platters but you can find these at stores like Pier 1 and Pottery Barn during the Summer months.

The following two pictures below are from the Target site. Look how cute this set up is!

Take a look at my video here on how I will be setting up my table for my Summer Party!


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