Halloween Series | Halloween Broom Sticks DIY

We are deep into our Halloween Series and I hope you have picked up several great ideas! You can visit my Youtube channel and watch any of the previous videos from the series. Just visit Mrs. Erica on Youtube. 

Today we are making Halloween Witches Broom Sticks to hold you yummy donut treats. I love to celebrate Halloween all month long and this is a great idea to serve for breakfast all month. This will also make the perfect decoration for Halloween night! 

These were so easy to make and only needed a few items. I list everything you need in the video below. You can reuse these over and over all month long! 

Be sure to click my video link below to see step by step directions. 

I hope you enjoyed and be sure to let me know if you get the chance to make these! You can always tag me on Instagram at Mrs.blessed101

See you next time! 


Handmade Ravioli with Sausage Sauce Recipe

Here is a look at my Handmade Ravioli from Whole Foods with Sausage Sauce. The Ravioli makes this ready in less than 30 minutes and its the perfect meal to put on the table for your family! 

Lasagna is a wonderful classic comfort food but it takes forever to make. On busy week nights I just do not have that kind of time. The Ravioli is perfect and since Whole Foods is new to my town I just had to try their handmade Ravioli. It was wonderful! 

 I paired it with a Caesar Salad and it was the perfect meal. I used sausage instead of ground beef and it add a completely new level of flavor. I didn't want my family to feel like we were having a spaghetti style meal again and this really gave the meal a different twist. 

Here is what you will do:

Boil your handmade pasta for just a few extra minutes once the pasta floats to the top. Brown your sausage and just as it browns add 1/2 of a chopped yellow onion and 2 tablespoons of chopped garlic.

Once your onions are translucent add spaghetti sauce and the cooked Ravioli and let simmer. The Ravioli picks up the flavor of what you place it in so giving it time to take in the flavor of the sauce, onions, and garlic is just magic. 

Thats it now you get to make a big plate and eat! 

I hope you enjoy!


Come Fly With Me Including Vlog Video!

I love to share a look into my daily life from DIY projects, to recipes, to travel. This week I flew out of town to Minneapolis on business and thought I would bring you along. The best part is the video below so you can actually go along with me!

On my first day I experienced my first time of actually missing a flight. I have had flights canceled but never had the door shut as I was running to it as fast as I could and that happened on this trip! Our first flight was late so it caused us to miss the next flight but they did give us a free lunch for PF Chang. I had my favorite lettuce wraps which are so good! I have to recreate this recipe!

The weather was very raining but I love this type of weather when flying because you never have to step out in it. I think it makes for such a cozy curl up in your seat kind of flying!

I was so excited that all of my flights had a window seat but would you look at the view with this window.....hello Mr. Engine! So much for the view!

This hotel was beautiful and reminded me of a hotel from a 1950's movie. The downtown area was just beautiful and I loved the look of everything. I wish I had more time to visit several of the church sites.

This had to be the best burger I have ever eaten. Pepper Jack Cheese with Mushrooms!!!!

Look at this sweet treat my waitress sent with me to enjoy back in my room. It was amazing!

The next night we had dinner at the MN Club and its one of my favorite buildings. I love the look with the green vine growing on the building. 

The inside was amazing, take a look at the table settings and the view.

The Creme Brûlée was amazing for dessert.  

Flying home was just amazing as I watched the sun go down. Is there anything better than this view......GOD IS GOOD!

Almost home! 

Take a look here for a video view of my trip! I love traveling and sharing it with you!

See you next time! 


Honey Hoisin Salmon

This is one of my favorite dishes to date and I can't wait to share it with you! Its my Honey Hoisin Salmon. 

Its perfect for any week night because you have make this in no time. Let me show you how easy it is to make. 

Step One- 

Place your salmon in a baking dish sprayed with Pam Cooking Spray. 
Sprinkle just a little lime juice on salmon before cooking. About 1/2 teaspoon.
Cook to the degree you desire at 425 degrees. I like mine just done and and flakey. Depending on the size of your salmon this could be 10-15 minutes. 

Here is what you will need for your sauce- 
Hoison Sauce

Thats all! 

This sauce mixture is for 3 4 oz pieces of salmon. You will take 4 tablespoons of Hoison sauce to 2 tablespoons of honey and mix. Its always 2 to 1 with honey being the smaller amount. 

Stir this in a bowl and add to the fish as soon as it is cooked. The heat of the fish will heat the sauce while it is resting. 

Final step is to eat and enjoy! I can't wait to hear your feedback if you try this recipe. 

You can purchase your salmon for great prices from locations like Sam's, Costco, and Walmart. Salmon does not have to be an expensive fish. 

Be sure to let me know what you think!


Halloween Series | Halloween Cake Pops & DIY Plate

Time for part three in my Halloween Series! I am going to share with you how to make these cute no bake cake pops and the cake platter to go with it. Nothing says yummy goodness like a platter spelling out BOO! 

Be sure to watch my video below for step by step instructions. 

You will start by using your chopper and mixing 20 Oreo cookies and 4 oz of cream cheese. Mix until it is in a ball. Before you can start making them into smaller balls you must get a good chill on your cookie dough ball. Place the one large cookie ball in the freezer for about 45 minutes. This will help you be able to handle it and make smaller cookie pops. 

Then make several small ball size cookie cake pops. Chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes before you dip in the chocolate. Also do not stick your straws in the just yet. 

Melt your white chocolate chips in a double boiler setup to allow you to dip your cake pops in. Its always very important that you never get water in your chocolate. Make sure to not fill your pot to full or it will splash.

I dipped mine with this stick on since these will be sitting on the cake pop and the straw will be straight up. You will want to make sure you are able to cover the top completely without getting your straw to covered.

See how easy this is so far! Anyone can do this and your guest will just love them! Who doesn't love Oreo's and chocolate! Once your cake pops dry then go pack with a soon and spread chocolate over them in a very messy way to create lines like a wrapped mummy would have. 

Now lets make this awesome platter to serve your cake pops on. I purchased mine from HomeGoods for $3.99. I picked up my glass chalk paint from Hobby Lobby and used the online coupon for even more savings.

Again be sure to watch my tutorial video below for detailed instructions on how to make your plate. I tapped off the bottom of my plate and painted it to allow me to be able to write Boo...!! You can of course write anything you would like.

This plate is perfect for Holidays or just serving a sweet dish with your family. I have so many ideas on how I will use my plate for all types of events during the year.

Look how cute our pops turned out on our new platter. I am so pleased with how this turned out and I can not wait until my guest get to see this on Halloween night when I make these again. My family was able to eat this round and they loved them! It was so easy to put together.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at this fun idea! Be sure to stay in touch as I bring more ideas your way for this fun time of year!

See you next time! 


New Series | Halloween Table Tour

Happy Halloween and its time for more things wrapped around Spooctacular Halloween fun! Lets start with a dinning room tour that you can easily find the items from and put your table together. In my video below I explain where I purchased everything. 

Lets start with each table setting. Having layers is what makes this really look good. I started with the orange runner from Hobby Lobby and it was only $1.99. Next I started my place settings. I put the black spider web as the bottom layer. Then I used a black charger and next placed a white plate. One top of that I put my new paper plate that you can pick up from Hobby Lobby. 

Everything can be purchased from Hobby Lobby, HomeGoods, and Michaels.

The rest of the pictures do not all need an explanation but in my video I do tell you where I purchased everything. 

As you can see I just love the sweet part of Halloween. I love the pops of orange in my house with sweet pumpkins all around. I am not into skeletons, skulls, or scary things! Just sweet pumpkins.

Be sure to join me all month long as we add more to our room with food items you can use as decor or just as yummy weekend treats.

Be sure to add Halloween accents in every spot possible like I did with my bows on my lamps. Such a sweet touch.

I hope you enjoyed a look at the starting point in my dining room. Next we will continue making DIY items and yummy Halloween food goodies. Hope you enjoy this video of the tour!